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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Unwilling to say certain things...

Over that last couple days I've found myself wanting to type away about a certain family member, and another time about Taterbug being sick. And I keep censoring myself. Blogs on the internet are public, and while I doubt certain difficult person knows my blog address...what if their friends do?

When I started the blog I thought it would be a sort of diary. However, I've discovered that I can't say the things I always want to say.

I'm not going to let it keep me from blog. Its just an observation! :)


Nicole said...

This is exactly why I'm afraid to start a blog! I would probably end up with my foot in my mouth many, many times!

JoAnn said...

Its too bad that things have gotten to this point, that a blogger would have to think twice before sharing. A few bad apples ruin it for everybody.