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Monday, January 7, 2008

Considering the Playroom

In our home we are blessed to have a "den". It was previously the garage to the former owners, and has dark paneled walls and dark green carpet. Maybe they had a billiard table in there before? It is the perfect type of room for a game room. It has my dining room hutch, the kids comfy chairs, their TV, their toys, our filing cabinet, and my sewing machine.

Because our house is the old "ranch style" instead of the "great room style" we are able to have people come in the front door, instead of the side door, and so this room is always the pit. Over the last few months since we almost moved I've been working hard to clean it up. I've been decluttering the house like mad, throwing crap away, and generally working towards a tidier happier home. In fact, in some ways, I'm getting a bit obsessive, since I hate to see the fruits of my labors get disturbed.

Anywho, this room tends to be the staging area for boxes to be unpacked, backpacks and coats (my children DON'T seem to know how to use a hanger, no matter how many times I instruct them!), Goodwill junk, and other misc. The toys are a mess, it is pretty hard to figure out what to do with the Hotwheels track.I need to sort again, and then I need to figure out some sort of organization system.

In our house we don't have toys in our rooms, except special ones and stuffies. The rooms stay tidy, a nice calm place to sleep, relax, read, etc. The bulk of the playing is done in the playroom.So does anyone have any specific organization system they use for their kids toys and stuff? Any suggestions?

Fat-Free Half-and-Half

At first, this seemed like the best food! Really, cream with no fat, doesn't that sound fabulous?

So we bought some last night to make our Ikea meatballs a little less "bad for you" (you have to make the cream sauce with cream).

After I made it, while waiting for everything to be done, I read the ingredients, wondering what made this miracle food such a miracle. Well, horror upon horrors, it is corn syrup that makes it sooo good.

Part of our lifestyle change is cutting out this awful perversion of corn from our diets.

We'll be going back to whole fat half and half (when needed occasionally), thank you very much.