Always in a whirl, from homemade bread to housework to work-work. Come join the fun, the mess, and don't be afraid to tell me if I'm not making any sense!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The First Few Days

The first time I tested AF was 2 days late. It was a negative. I also have PCOS, so I thought things are just late...that was a Wednesday. Then Thursday night at bunco we were discussing how I can't have any more kids (did I hear a little giggle from God in the background?) but I had cramps, so I thought, here it comes. Nothing.

The next Monday it still wasn't here, but the cramps were gone. I'd picked up a $tree test over the weekend (well, 2, I think) and tested after DH had gone to work and the kids were on the bus. Then I cleaned the kitchen, and went back to check...there was a line. I sat there staring at myself in the mirror. Um..ok, we'll do this tomorrow. There must be a mistake.
Tuesday came, same plan. Kids and DH gone, do a test. Um, another line. Call the doc. This started an awful whirlwind where I had an ultrasound, was told it was ectopic, had to wait until the following Monday, when they saw a sack, right where it was supposed to be. And here I am. Depending on whose calendar you follow, between what it shows on my ticker and 2 weeks further along. I think I'm closer to 9 weeks because there was only one time that protection. It was a few days before my period was due so I figured we were fine....WRONG!

So thats my we figured out that we are having another baby.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tired...I'm so tired...

I've spent the better part of today either in bed or my chair! Luckily my darling husband and children have gotten together on the housework. Its not perfect, and not all of it is done. But-the bathrooms are clean, we have clean clothes (even if they aren't all where they are supposed to be), a relatively clean kitchen.

And some days, us preggo ladies on the go, just need to rest. During the week there is no time for naps or resting. Its all about get from here to there to everywhere. Beyond that, this is the last time I'll be pregnant (if I have anything to say about it) and I'm trying to appreciate each little miraculous day. I never thought I'd be pregnant again, this munchkin is such a surprise and a gift (and maybe a little bit of a hassle, too, but thats life) I really want to appreciate it.

After looking at Donna's blog...I have to say I'm so appreciative of her organization! I need to start with a list of things that need to be done. Each term I get lost again and about halfway through the term I find myself and realize household chores haven't been done in a month! So thats my goal for the week, figure out what needs to be done!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

On Thursday we had ultrasound number 3! Baby had a steady heartbeat of 148, and was 1.4 inches long!!! This ultrasound dated things at 7w5d, which is off of our LMP date of 8w6d, and the 2nd ultrasound that dated things at 6w6d. Soooo confusing! But so far a healthy baby, nonetheless. Thats all that matters!

We got a couple pics to bring home of baby-blob. :) Not as cute as "she'll" be, but getting there!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Well, its been months. And I've heard about it from my darling friend! :) Love you all!

We've got "news". Hubby and I are having a third baby due 12/5/08. WOW! What a surprise that was! I found out on Monday of spring break, so I've known for 3 weeks.

I feel great, healthy and well. Mostly I'm tired, and my back has started aching already. And my regular clothes don't fit (even though I haven't gained a pound!) Guess the body really knows what to do with baby #3! Guess we need a name for baby 3...I think we'll call "her" Caterpillar, as she's still to become who she'll be!

Otherwise, my life is pretty much the same! School, work, school, take kids to activities, school.

Ladybug was "observed" by the school psychologist. He thinks that her diagnosis may not be ADD (as we were thinking) but more of a processing disorder. Tomorrow there are supposed to be some evals done. I'll be happy to hear the results of those!