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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Finding Extraordinary in the Ordinary

When I was a little girl I dreamed of a normal family. Both parents worked (didn't cut wood like my dad did), they got along, and we did family things (in my dreams) like play board games and go places. I just wanted an ordinary life. Not the one that I had. Although, today, I can see that I had an extraordinary life. To this day the Steens Mountains are one my favorite places in the world. And how many people can say they've been harassed by a helicopter rent-a-cop in the Owyhee Mountains while holding a rifle? Or chased by wild horses in the Murderer's Creek area of the Izee mountains. Man, I have some memories.

However, the result of these girlish dreams is that I have worked hard to find an ordinary life. In the meantime, my children haven't built the same times of life experiences that I have. They've never been chased by wild horses ;). They have flown in little airplanes, received handmade wooden toys from inmates in a Salem prison, ridden all sorts of horses both English and Western, seen alien space ships flying in the Gorge, made snowmen with my 70-something-year-old grandma, among other wonderful experiences.

This morning I was reminiscing about old times (it started yesterday with my grandma at my dad's house). I realized that regardless of our financial status, time constraints, and other ordinary concerns, I need to continue to help my children find the extraordinary in ordinary life. In 20 years I hope they look back on our ordinary life and are able to see the beautiful extraordinary moments. Even if they only think of the geese flying overhead as something beautiful and rare (our "pet" geese, a flock of over 100 that we love), I hope they know just how hard I've tried to provide them with an extraordinary life with the stability of the ordinary.

Life is beautiful!


Nicole said...

What a lovely post!
Now...I want to hear about the space ships! :)

Sheree said...

You are a wonderful mother and I have no doubt that when they grow up they will look back and remember that!