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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Day #2

Well, I went over a bit on my points yesterday. Yanked them from my weekly Flex Points. Although, last night it occurred to me that I shouldn't be using those at all, as New Years Eve is coming.

My coffee used 3 points all by itself, so today I put some soymilk in it (1.5 points) so I'm getting half a milk serving instead of coffee creamer with no redeaming nutritional value. It doesn't taste as good.

I was hungry all day yesterday. I'm tired of being hungry already, but know that I need to give it time.

I also rather enjoyed the exercise DVD, (its an old FastTrack WW one). I did all light intensity, my hips and knees hurt. I will take some ibuporphin first this time.


End of the day...

I exercised, and have kept mostly on track. I think I'm doing really well. Not quite so whiney about being hungry (full tummy right now, so no whines :) ).

One day at a time!

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