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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Tree Time!

Today we are going to get our Christmas tree! I'll leave it up until after the first of the year. One of my friends leaves it up until the 7th of January. She says she does for a religious reason. However, I'm ashamed to say WHICH day happens to be the 7th of January, so if anyone remembers will they tell me please?

As for decorating the tree, I tend to just put the kids ornaments up. For some reason we have so many ornaments just for the kids that our "little" tree ends up being full before we get to the grown up ornaments. :)

When I moved away to my own home I didn't have any Christmas ornaments, nor any baby pictures. Those are 2 things that I am making sure my kids will get. They will each have a box or 2 of ornaments, and a couple photo albums. I guess once they are gone out of the house I can put as many of my ornaments on the tree as I want!

My MIL says that she wants a flocked tree. This little stand out by their house has all sorts of different colored flocked trees, purple, turqoise, red/white/blue. Loads of fun. I think we will just go for the typical fir tree.

Do you have your tree up yet?


Nicole said...

Yes! And we got a fake one that came pre-lit to hopefully avoid a tangled mess in the years to come. We shall see though! :)

JOAnn said...

This is what I found. It is a "Calendar of Religious Dates".

Whirlwind Woman said...

It is epiphany that she keeps it up for!!! Thanks, Jo!