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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Just when every pillow in the house was clean...

Yeah, a post can't be good when it starts that way, can it?

Midnight, I'm barely starting to doze, I see the hall bathroom light come on. "Mooooommmm...."

And he's vomiting again. How long have we been without a tummy bug? Like 3 days?
I have now soaked every light switch in the house in ammonia, laundry in the wash (extra rinse please), boy on the couch (couch covered in towels and a sheet, boy with the bucket), and I need sleep. Now he'll miss out on the Christmas events for his classroom, too. Ugh, he's going to be very upset.

We'll be wishing for a tummy-bug-free-Wednesday. Please join me, because I suspect that if this goes on too long I won't keep him out of the hospital. His little body can't handle this assault too soon after the other one.

One more sip of apple juice for mama...

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