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Friday, December 28, 2007

Day #3

Good Evening!

I blew it with lunch...a Burgerville chocolate peppermint milkshake-18 pts!!! EEEK!

The rest of the day was fine, but now I'm hungry and no points left...I need something, guess I'll just go WAY over instead of a bit over.

However, I exercised again today, so thats good! I didn't do the high intensity today, because I'm pretty sore from yesterday. Thats ok, something is better than nothing.

I still have flex points for the week. Tomorrow is going to be another "blow it" day, lunch at dads and dinner at a friends (our last Christmas flings).

One day at a time, thats how I've gotta live. It will be ok.


Good Morning!

I'm a bit stiff today from exercising, but that is good because it means it is working!!! So after work today I'll exercise again. I went over points again yesterday by only 2.6. I still have 25 Flex points left for the week (my week started Wed), so that isn't too bad I dont' think.

Today I'm feeling better about this, more in control, and more optimistic! The thought of where I will be in a couple weeks keeps me going!

Happy Friday!

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