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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blankets, Loveys, and Other Little Things

Do you sleep with something? Quite a few of my friends sleep with their kiddos, I sleep with hubby, and if he isn't here I sleep in a specific giant sweatshirt.

Taterbug had a friend over the other night, and his blankey got left here. I left a message for his mom, but I know they are busy this weekend. Unfortunately, I can't deliver said blanket as my car will not start! They've gone 2 nights without it already, but I know how Ladybug does without her Miss Teddy...not so well.

Hubby has a pillow he prefers to sleep and cuddle with, Taterbug has a certain blanket...

Why and how do we get comfort from a certain object? It's just an object...and yet we love it! It doesn't hurt anything, as most of the people I know prefer people over their specific object, but still want it.

Psychologists probably have some technical clinical name they call this. That's fine. I'll sit here enjoying my new yummy lotion and fuzzy socks...

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