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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sensory Integration Disorder and Household Fun

OK, if you know anything about SID, you know it isn't really fun. Both kids have some degree. We've done brushing, and that weird music. Nothing helps for any length of time. Ladybug goes crazy if you have to rush her in the morning, or you need to brush her hair. Taterbug doesn't like certain foods, and hates baths. Our toughest challenges are Ladybug's meltdowns. Ever seen a 9 year old lose her mind? It's not pretty. Tonight she spent an hour in her room under her blankets trying to pull it together (her choice). Imagine trying to brush said hair after the blankets...

Today I found a new site, OT Exchange. My membership is approved, but I haven't had a chance to rootle around yet.

I'm considering making a weighted vest, maybe one that I can vary the weight so I don't have to make 2. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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