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Thursday, November 22, 2007

How Much are You Worth?

Moms work hard, there is no doubt about it, but "does anyone appreciate it" is the big question. Maybe in some households, but in mine, as in some of my friends, then men just don't see clutter and dirt. And it doesn't seem to matter to them. The dirt can be there, or not, the clutter can be there or not. It's no big deal. But it is, and it might be to you, too.

So after a difficult discussion with my husband tonight, I thought I'd see if I could figure it out. If we had to pay someone to come into the home and do what I do every day, how much would we have to pay her? Well, according to this site, my work is worth $91,977. They break it down by job, by hour, and by zip code. So it seems the work that I do around the house is worth it after all.

Now, if only I can convince my husband,

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