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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Paula and I made cheese. Both fromage blanc and chevre from cows milk. The fromage is more sour. I'm really thinking mozzarella might be fun.

She also sent me home with some of Summer's family sourdough. A loaf is baking in the oven as we speak and it smells delicious. So tomorrow for Thanksgiving I'll take traditional yeast rolls, and my loaf of sourdough with some homemade cheese. I'm thinking of putting garlic and rosemary and whatever other herbs I can find into each of the cheeses.

The sourdough didn't rise as much as yeast dough does, but following these instructions the sponge proofed right up, so I think I did it right!


The cheese is interesting. The flavor has changed over the couple of days since we made it. Its definitely a "farmer cheese", something that you would have on a farm. I have to keep reminding myself its the real deal, there aren't any preservatives (other than natural cultures), corn syrup, or any other artificial ingredients.

The sourdough bread is FAN-TAB-ULOUS! And the cheese (with some yummy herbs and garlic) spread on the bread...well...the result is better than I could hope for. In fact, its almost gourmet! Yay us!

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