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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Good-Bye Grandad Elton!

After a long and thorough life, Grandad went home to be with his wife. Elton was Tony's last surviving grandparent, and while he lived 350 miles away, was often in our thoughts and hearts.

He was a tough old bird, having survived and fought in 2 wars and a Purple Heart in each (WWII and Korea). The last wound was a hip wound and ended his military career. After his second or third unsuccessful hip replacement (resistant staph infection) they removed the hip and left him unable to walk without crutches. And yet he persevered, still continuing to drive his antique fancy sports car, love his dogs, and generally keep as busy as possible.

About a year ago they let us know that he was beginning to be in kidney failure. He nursed his wife of more than 20 years through 11 years of dialysis, and so when diagnosed he determined that dialysis was not on his agenda. A few months ago he had a smaller heart attack and recovered. This heart attack was quick, and there was little suffering. And he is no longer lonely for his long gone wife.

We love you Elton! We'll miss you!

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~lavender~ said...

Hey girl, sorry about your loss. I was wondering how I could have missed your post and never thought about looking here.*smacking head*. :) Glad to see things are up and running somewhat tho, we miss ya, come back soon!