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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Doing too much, doing enough, overdoing it

Yesterday, in the midst of my latest 3 hour gardening spurt, Tony says to me "You push yourself too far" after discussing what was for dinner and the fact that the dishes needed to be done first. That thought has stayed with me all day today. I came home and mowed the yard (well half) and raked up the oak leaves rotting against the fence. The front yard now looks great.

And I keep asking myself, how can I do anything else? He doesn't do the housework, yardwork, cooking, grocery shopping, and only rarely will take the kids to scouts. If I don't do it, who does? And, true to form, he plopped himself onto the couch as soon as we came inside and left me to clean the kitchen and cook dinner.

So tonight I'm tired. I'm still having after-effects from the bronchitis/sinusitis fun. I need to get up and cook dinner. I'm really tired, and I have a test on Thursday I need to study for. Food, thats what I need to think about. :) Food.


Renee said...

Cari this is an older post but...couldn't you go on strike? Like do just the bare minimum?

Donna said...

I agree with Renee -

Anb BTW -- TAG!