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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Well, its been months. And I've heard about it from my darling friend! :) Love you all!

We've got "news". Hubby and I are having a third baby due 12/5/08. WOW! What a surprise that was! I found out on Monday of spring break, so I've known for 3 weeks.

I feel great, healthy and well. Mostly I'm tired, and my back has started aching already. And my regular clothes don't fit (even though I haven't gained a pound!) Guess the body really knows what to do with baby #3! Guess we need a name for baby 3...I think we'll call "her" Caterpillar, as she's still to become who she'll be!

Otherwise, my life is pretty much the same! School, work, school, take kids to activities, school.

Ladybug was "observed" by the school psychologist. He thinks that her diagnosis may not be ADD (as we were thinking) but more of a processing disorder. Tomorrow there are supposed to be some evals done. I'll be happy to hear the results of those!

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