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Monday, February 11, 2008

How did it get so out of hand?

Due to snow, parent teacher conferences were cancelled. Then the report cards came home in backpacks. Turns out Ladybug is failing every class (well except Music and PE). While looking at the online grade book, I became very confused because there were no grades...

So I frantically emailed everyone on her 504 team...and we met the next day. She isn't TURNING ANYTHING IN! That is why she is failing. So we have a month from Saturday to get it all in, and I have to inconvenience her teacher to recopy 20-something worksheets she's lost in the mean time.

She has difficulty staying on track, and not getting distracted. They are referring her to the school psychologist to screen for ADD. Most of the symptoms fit.

She gets a lot more done when I'm sitting at the table with her. So tonight I sat there for more than an hour, after she'd already worked for 2 hours.

As if I don't already have enough to do.

***whine alert***

Between MY school, my job, keeping the house clean, caring for the cat, making sure the children are bathed, cooking meals, being sick, grocery shopping, maintaining everyone's medical care, and transporting children back and forth to Scouts...I'm already stretched pretty thin. And now it is worse, because I am needing to track the assignments she is doing/needs to do down to the nth degree. Because I can't make her do duplicates, especially with SO MUCH work to catch up, that would be silly.

The hour I spent sitting with her tonight was all organizing the work, reviewing what she'd done, and helping Taterbug with HIS work. Obviously, I didn't get any studying done myself, tonight.

I could really use a little help from their dad. But he was in the living room sleeping. At 6pm. He's a pretty good dad, but I need some help. I know he won't give it though, so I don't even bother to ask, because asking always turns into a fight.

Last night, while I was at the emergency room and the pharmacy, Dad let her do her homework in the playroom. In front of the TV. When she was cold, she sat down in front of the heater (behind a chair) and today when I went to go find her 3-ring binder, I found it with all her paperdolls. So while she sat back there for something like 3 or 4 hours, nothing got done. Why you say? Because the paper dolls back there, that is why. And Dad was angry at me because I was angry at him for letting her be out there. I guess I'm not supposed to second guess his stupid decisions.

And then, when I think about this homework issue, shouldn't I have known? Wasn't it odd that she went weeks without homework? So Mr. Teacher and I have an agreement, if they don't have homework I email him to confirm. I can't trust her now. So I feel a guilt, an anger at myself, a responsibility for this. A mom should know. And I didn't.

NOW, we have to do the old work, AND the new work. 3 hours, 5 assignments later. I'm praying she'll pass 4th grade.

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