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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Family Trip to the Zoo

It was amazing. We had a wonderful family adventure to the zoo, and nobody melted. The weather was cloudy, and occasionally drizzly, but nobody got cold. We were all full of smiles. Nobody complained about the food from home (fried rice, full of veggies, packed into a tiffin box, thank goodness for the carrier, it was still warm.

These pictures of the kids were taken in our Zoo's new Serengeti exhibit. But really, this a true snapshot of our life. Babybug is ALWAYS zooming around. That boy is a mover and a shaker. All of my kids fascinate me, who they are becoming, who they've been, and where that is leading. They are amazing, all of them. I get the older two, they are a lot like Hubby and I, however, the little one...he's an enigma.

The chase continued around a big ol' baobob tree in the courtyard for several minutes. It was hilarious!

Hubby and I were having fun, and maybe he looks a bit tired here, we were waiting for the train to start. Babybug has this look of awe and wonder that I adore.

Caveboy rides again, with his side kick, Cavegirl. Really, they are in a log in the Pacific Northwest exhibit. But pretending is fun!

This was the beginning of Caveboy in 2009. He crawled into some rocks on the lava flow and we discussed how it must have been for prehistoric man to live in a cave. So ever since he's been Caveboy! Cavegirl didn't get to go on that adventure, she was busy doing other things, like fishing. Ever since, I never pass up opportunities to call him Caveboy. Hee hee.

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Leah S said...

Oh my, the baby's a blur alright! *gulp* Good to know what I'm getting into. ;)