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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Apples Apples Apples

We brought home a LOT of apples from Hubby's mom. Thanks, Nana! Saucing a bunch up today, we'll have fried apples for dessert, and we'll see if there are any left. I doubt it, they taste so yummy.

It seems that there is always one mascot apple that I'm loathe to cut up. This one probably weighs a pound and a half!

How many people have a birds nest on their dinner table? This one was found in one of the apple trees where we picked the apples. I need to find it a home. (Excuse the back to school pile of papers...)

We don't have a nature table, at least not right now. The one we were using became my chairside table. I do try to keep some things about the season on the center of the dining room table, though. And thanks to Mamaroots, we have a new friend this month! Abel Loves Apples. He's been given his own harvest and pumpkin patch to care for. A friend has a scroll saw that isn't being used, and has promised it to me. When it arrives Abel can have a few apple trees to care for, too.

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mamaroots said...

oh my gosh that is so sweet! I am so glad Abel found such a lovely and apple loving home! Love that giant apple too! We will be harvesting soon at some local orchards! Have a great weekend!