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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Ekone Trip

We spent a wonderful weekend with some dear friends on Ekone Ranch. A wonderful time was had by all! Ladybug had a horseback lesson on Grasshopper, 25, who has trained many kids to ride, apparently including the instructor herself. The instructor was one of the most perceptive teachers I've ever met, she knew how to match the children with the horses, emphasizing that each horse had a different lesson to teach.

Ladybug is hoping to go to summer camp there next year. However if that is to happen, much saving needs to be had by all. It will be a lot of work for her, but very worth it.

Babybug had a great time throwing rocks, climbing hills, eating dirt (and ACORNS, oh my!), and getting carried by mama. Just he and I climbed a mountain. It was amazing.

We were treated to some amazing sunsets thanks to the forest fires in nearby Lyle.

My bestest friend's daughter has quite a fire for the outdoors. She was constantly catching bugs and frogs and investigating their magnificence. She also rode an amazing horse. I swear they are both smiling.

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