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Friday, August 27, 2010

Busy Thursday

It's getting late. Or possibly early, depending on your perspective.

Thursday was Ladybug getting spacers for braces (the first half comes next week, the next set 10 days later). Then she and a friend went to the movies.

Taterbug and I cleaned carpets. This must be done again in a short time, I've waited far too long for it to be done, and now it's a disaster. It looks better tho, and his help was invaluable.

Saturday we are all going camping, half the family one direction, half the family the other direction, so tomorrow is planning and preparing. I would like to leave by 8am Saturday morning, the other half will leave much later in the day.

Friday I was supposed to work, but apparently there are not enough sick people, and so I was called off. Happy for the sick people, sad for my paycheck. Ah, well. Now, I'll get more done.

But first, I'd better get to sleep! See you all on Monday.

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